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IASIS Pharmaceuticals Hellas S.A. with the distinctive title IΑSIS PHARMA, is a purely Greek pharmaceutical industry activated in production, research and development, import, export and trade of pharmaceutical products and cosmetics. It is the result of two distinct companies’ joining with different but supplementary characteristics.
Chemipharma Pachis Ltd was founded as a commercial pharmaceutical company by the chemist Dr Konstantine S. Pachis in 1998. It achieved to be exceptional in the difficult and competitive area of pharmaceutical industry soon, by establishing high patterns of quality and ethics. It also presented a continual development achieving remarkable records.
Farmanic Ltd, on the other hand, was a traditional Greek pharmaceutical industry that had been founded in 1960s and in 1985, was developed into the modern pharmaceutical industry, Farmanic S.A. Because of the quality of produced products, its commercial substructure as well as its good financial base, it gained an excellent reputation in the pharmaceutical market.
In November 2004, Chemipharma Pachis bought out Farmanic forming a new pharmaceutical industry the
Farmanic-Chemipharma S.A. The immediate assimilation of the two enterprises was achieved thanks to personnel's enthusiasm and hard work. In a short period of time, the upward movement of the new industry towards its ambitious targets started.
In November 2009, Farmanic-Chemipharma S.A. took the name IASIS PHARMA, under which had been activated out of Greece since 1998.
In 2010, IASIS PHARMA had already recognized the great potential of market development of non-prescription medicines, medical devices and OTC (Over The Counter) products and bought out Pharma Q. Pharma Q was a modern and dynamically developing pharmaceutical company, which had been founded in 2008 in order to meet the constantly increasing demands of Greek health professionals (doctors and pharmacists). The aim was the provision of high quality and innovative products which were exclusively available from the pharmacist.
IASIS PHARMA’s manufacturing unit is located in Kamatero district in Attica. It complies with the most strict and up-to-date patterns of production (cGMP, cGLP) and it has also been certified by Bureau Veritas with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. The unit has been authorized by the National Organization for Medicines (EOF) and has also been inspected by other countries’ National Organizations for Medicines (NOM).
Our future targets are:
          Expanding our presence in Europe, Asia and Africa promoting IASIS PHARMA and at the same time worthily
             representing our Greek identity

          Increasing continually the portfolio of our pharmaceutical, medical devices and OTC products

          √ Investing in biotechnology, acknowledging its importance in disease prevention as well as in therapy.
Combining the tradition with innovation, the experience with vision, IASIS PHARMA, with its exemplary course, has already been reported as a steadily growing Greek pharmaceutical company always committed to providing the society with products of the highest quality.


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